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It is no secret that Chem-Dry has become ranked the #1 Carpet Cleaning Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. This fame and success were not always prevalent. Just as any great business, Chem-Dry started from a humble beginning. 



In the early 1970’s, Robert Harris was a young man working his way through law school. Robert was working as a carpet cleaner for another company. Dissatisfied with the performance of the cleaning products at the time, he started looking for new solutions. This desire led to extensive research of chemical properties and formulas. Robert conducted many experiments on dirty carpet using one formula then another.  

Birth of Chem-Dry 

In 1977, after seven years of research and experimentation, Robert Harris developed a revolutionary carbonated solution. His new solution not only was extremely effective in cleaning carpet, but was also safe and non-toxic. Shortly after the launch of Chem-Dry, Robert saw great success. Demand for his cleaning services grew exponentially, and soon everyone was curious to discover his secret. From the first small group of franchises, the Chem-Dry network has grown to THOUSANDS of successful franchises globally!