Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Parties | Aloha Chem-Dry
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We all can agree that big parties can be stressful. Food, drinks, and pets can leave your house a disaster, not to mention the in-laws that stay at your home a week too long. Luckily, Aloha Chem-Dry can help you with the prep and the clean-up, if the unthinkable were to happen.

First, it is helpful to understand what you are up against. If you are struggling for some good ideas to try at your next Christmas party, here is a list of a few.  

Christmas Party Traditions: 

  • ”Crazy Dinner”: Go to the store, give each person $3-5 to spend on any food they want. Return home and prepare all the food by candlelight.  
  • Death by Chocolate: Ask each guest to bring something extremely delicious with chocolate being the main core ingredient. 
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange: The definition of a white elephant gift is something that costs more to maintain than is worth it or simply a useless gift. Pass the gifts around in a circle and allow for opportunities to trade or swap. 
  • Christmas Karaoke: Find the best versions of popular Christmas songs and have at it. Make sure to have two microphones, just in case a duet is in store. 
  • Candy Cane Relay: Players are given one minute to pick up as many candy canes from an individual bowl as possible. The catch is that each player must use their mouth to hold the main candy cane.  


The preparation can seem like the most stressful part of the holiday party. It is helpful to know that you are not alone in the prepping process. Aloha Chem-Dry is here to help. We use a carbonation extraction process, which uses minimal water when cleaning your carpet and upholstery so your home will be dry within hours. Book an appointment the day of the party, and your home will be pristine when the guests arrive! 



We understand that accidents happen, that’s why we are prepared to tackle even the toughest of carpet and upholstery stains. Don’t let disastrous stains distract you from the excitement of the party. Aloha Chem-Dry handles almost every stain possible. Click here to learn more about which stains we can remove. 


Again, you are not alone in your holiday party prep and clean-up. Call today to receive a free quote and discover what we can do for your home!