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I think we can all agree that being on quarantine can be tough. Human nature is not designed to be confined to our homes 24/7. It can be hard to maintain a healthy mind and body amidst this chaos. Aloha Chem-Dry is your professional healthy home provider. Although we specialize in a clean home, we hope to give you some tips to maintain a healthy mind as well.  

Here is a list of tips to maintain a healthy home and healthy mind while on quarantine: 

Healthy Home Tips:

  1. Vacuum Often: Carpet acts as an air filter in the homeVacuuming helps to eliminate harmful bacteria or allergens that may be in your carpet. Remember to vacuum regularly in order to keep the air in your home a little cleaner.
  2. Sanitize Daily: Make sure to sanitize high touch points daily throughout your home. This may include: door handles, stair railings, sink nozzles, light switches, and tv remotes.  
  3. Professional Cleanings: Have your home cleaned professionally. Chem-Dry is your healthy home provider with the following services: carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaningpet urine removal, rug cleaning, stone & tile cleaning, granite countertop renewal, mattress cleaningand wood floor cleaning. To receive a Free Quote for your healthy home CLICK HERE.  

 Maintaining a Healthy Mind Tips: 

  1. Physical Exercise: Daily physical exercise provides many benefits to your overall health. Exercise helps to eliminate stress and clear the mind. It also helps to stimulate or jump start your brain in order to focus and increase productivity.  
  2. Take Breaks: Make sure to take a break from mentally strenuous tasks such as work or school. Every hour make sure to stand up and give your mind a quick 3-5 minute break. 
  3. Healthy Diet: Your mind performs much like any machine, it needs to right fuel to function properly. A healthy diet helps to increase the productivity of your mind. Great foods provide energy and focus.  
  4. Develop Passions: Allow your mind time to focus on something you love. Take time to develop your personal passions. This will help relax your mind.